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Over a bottle of red & a pair of matching iPads, my now-hubby & I kicked off our wedding plans. We began by toying with a few smaller details, but eventually circled back to the clearest starting point — where were we going to get married?

Setting down my wineglass, I typed in our first Google search… “best wedding venues Perth.” The more we scrolled through the 3 million or so hits that popped up, the further we felt we were from making a decision. So, after a wee top up of liquid courage, I put down the iPad & changed tact.

We’d originally started out by focusing on what each venue had to offer. But I thought, why not take a step back & take a closer look at what we wanted in a venue? Or, more accurately, what we wanted in a wedding?

After planning our big day, & now going on to help couples planning their own weddings, I’ve come to realise choosing a wedding venue that feels perfect for you comes down to 4 things.

“Choose a wedding location that feels
natural for you to be in.”

1. What are you looking forward to on your wedding day?

Are there specific moments you imagine sharing with your fiancé, or your best friends or your family on your wedding day? How would you like to feel during these moments? How would you like your guests to feel?

The answer to these questions can be a great indication of what you want your wedding day to be.


2. Where do you & your fiancé love to spend time?

Choose a wedding location that feels natural for you to be in. If you both love the outdoors, you could look into a garden ceremony; if your passion is food & wine, set your sights on a vineyard; if you like the cosmopolitan life, narrow your focus down to lux inner city hotels.

When I spoke to one of my clients about how she & her fiancé chose their venue, she said it really came down to 2 things: their love of Perth’s coastline & wanting to feel relaxed on the day. After chatting about some of their favourite beachside memories, they quickly came up with a list of contenders & made their final choice after a handful of site visits.

“The key is to find a wedding venue that gives you the ability to dedicate time to each of these priorities, as well as enjoy your engagement.”

3. Who do you want to celebrate with?

For my hubby & I, the answer to this question gave us a new clarity on where we’d get married. Our friends & family were mainly travelling in from interstate or overseas, with most having never spent much time in Perth. Taking that into account, we realised we wanted a venue which had an awesome view of the Swan River & allowed us to host both the ceremony & venue so there’d be no flitting between locations. With this criterion in mind, it only took a handful of emails & 2 site visits to find the venue that was perfect for us.

If you haven’t already had a chance to, sit down with your fiancé & write down the names of everyone you’d love to celebrate with on your big day. Where do they live? How do you normally spend time with them? Do you want an intimate gathering or party vibe? Refocusing on these things could dramatically cut down the number of weekends you spend visiting potential locations.


4. How much energy do you want to put into planning your wedding day?

Before you create a shortlist of venues to visit, it’s a great idea to take some time to think about how much energy you’d like to — and are physically capable — of putting towards wedding planning. Over the coming weeks & months, it’s likely you’ll have a collection of priorities at work & home you’d love to focus your attention on. The key is to find a wedding venue that gives you the ability to dedicate time to each of these priorities, as well as enjoy your engagement.


How did it feel going through each of those questions?… I’d love to hear what’s guiding your venue search! If it feels good, drop me a note here to share your story.

How to choose your perfect wedding venue | White Rapture

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