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THAT’S 100% YOU?

Imagine an epic celebration of who you are as individuals, as well as a newly committed duo. A wedding experience that brings huge amounts of delight. Without the stress.

It’s not a fantasy when you have the right strategy, shortcuts & support. It’s entirely possible.

Welcome to White Rapture

Easy wedding planning | White Rapture


I help make wedding planning easy for professional couples getting married in Perth.

But I’m not your traditional J-Lo Wedding Planner. Think of me as your backstage pass to the wedding industry.

I stand for unapologetic self-expression.

I believe a beautiful wedding comes from smart planning that feels beautifully simple to implement.

And I’d love to help make that your reality.


  • Are excited about getting married but secretly worried that the stress & overwhelm could sabotage their enjoyment of the whole experience.
  • Would love their wedding day to be a true reflection of them.
  • Like a clear plan of action, especially when doing something for the first time.
  • Appreciate attention to detail but don’t want wedding planning to feel like a part-time job on top of their already busy schedule.
  • Have an idea how they want their wedding to look & feel (courtesy of some late nights on Pinterest & Instagram!), but would love a little guidance with how they can add their own personal touches to the day.
  • Want to surround themselves with people who make them feel confident, supported & secure in knowing it’s all going to work out perfectly.
  • Would love to enjoy the time spent planning their wedding as much as they’ll enjoy the big day itself.
Wedding planner Perth | White Rapture

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“Sam has a very calm & dependable demeanour which makes the entire process feel personalised & enjoyable.”

Kathryn Utting

– Director of Corporate Tax at Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Easy wedding planning | White Rapture


A few years back I kicked off our own wedding plans. I was so excited to create a day that’d be a celebration of us. Of my fiancé’s wit. Of my slight obsession with homewares. Of our shared love for live music. Of all those things that light us up.

I’d never planned such a big event before but was eager to get stuck in. However as I dove deeper into the details, things quickly began to feel like, well…. a chore.

At that stage, I thought I had to become a master of all-things-wedding. I thought we needed Pinterest boards chock-full of pictures to be able to develop our own style. And I thought the only way we’d ever experience the wedding of our dreams, was if I dedicated even more time & energy to making it happen. But — between the hours I already spent planning after work & on the weekends — I didn’t have any more time (or energy) to give.

It took missing out on a few special moments during our engagement for me to realise that striving for MORE wasn’t going to get us anywhere.

And so I began making changes that gave our wedding plans a new sense of clarity & ease.

It was on our honeymoon that I decided I wanted to help couples feel that same sense of clarity & ease as they began preparing for their big day. And for those good vibes to flow right through to the big day itself!

For most of us planning a wedding isn’t an intuitive process. And that’s perfectly natural — I mean, it’s not as if it’s something we’ve ever been taught.

But what if someone took the time to make you your own road map? If they plotted out a simple path, possible shortcuts & was there to help you take that journey?

If that feels good to you, welcome to White Rapture.


I started White Rapture to maximise the joy couples feel during those weeks & months leading up to their big day.

I love to extend that positivity a little further, which is why I donate 5% of my sales profits to beyondblue.

So when you partner with White Rapture you’re not only supported to craft a wedding experience that’s 100% you — you’re also supporting an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to create change to protect everyone’s mental health & improve the lives of individuals, families & communities affected by anxiety, depression & suicide.

Easy wedding planning | White Rapture


I want to live a life fuelled by passion — and help others do the same.


I love me some 90s hip hop! The night I met Matt, my husband, I knew I’d found someone special when this mild mannered man held his own in a rap battle to Salt-N-Pepa’s ‘Shoop’.


I was a lawyer in the entertainment industry for almost a decade before launching White Rapture.


When I’m not consulting on all things wedding planning + styling you’ll find me at a gig with Matt, heading to a yoga class, indulging in some Netflix or parkside with our pup LeBron.

I can’t wait to get to know you,

xo Sam


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& styling that’s truly you!

xo Sam

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